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Functionalities for Datamanagers

The Datamanager

  • manages a Yoda category:
    • grants initial access
    • checks the datapackages before they are stored in the Vault
    • performs checks before data is published
  • is a user with special privileges and must be a member of the group with grouptype: datamanager
  • manages all user groups within his category

As such the Datamanager could be a key user that is being asked to perform the function of Datamanager.

Daily work

The daily work of a Datamanager will include checking whether there are new datapackages offered to be stored in the Vault.

The Datamanager will log in to the portal en open the Research module.

A search by status “Submitted for Vault” will reveal all the newly offered datapackages. From here he will perform the actions as described in Submit elaborated.

Also daily, the Datamanager will search for packages presented for publication.

When found, he will act as described in Publish and Publish elaborated.

Besides this daily checks the Datamanager will receive requests of new users to be admitted to the portal. He will react as in Grant/Revoke access of researcher.

In case the request comes from a non-UU employee he will Add a non-UU employee to a usergroup.

Important subjects for Datamanagers

The following subjects are of high importance for the Datamanager.

Background knowledge Datamanager

As the Datamanager is expected to have a profound understanding of Yoda, the following subjects are worth reading.