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Glossary of terms


A website for searching.


A Datapackage is a set of datafiles and all other relevant files, like questionaires, transformation scripts, codebook etc. stored in a folder structure together with Metadata.

File versions

File versions, also called revisions, are (older) versions of a file.


To safeguard (part of your) data in the Research Area from being overwritten you can lock a folder and al its sub-folders. You can add a lock via the Portal.


The metadata is a set of data describing your data and research and the way it should be handled, e.g. what research discipline the data is about, what period, who created the data under what license it can be used etc. You can add metadata in the Portal. This metadata should be distinguished from your own descriptions of research in e.g. a codebook or lab-journal.


A website with two main functions: managing data and managing usergroups


Through publishing you can make the metadata of your datapackage stored in the Vault findable in the Catalogue. When you publish your Datapackage you receive a Persistent Identifier which you can refer to in scientific publications. You can publish your datapackage from within the Portal.

Research Area

A file storage environment for collaborating on your data-files. Accessible as a network disk on your local machines.


Revisions, also called file versions, are (older) versions of a file. As soon as you start storing and/or overwriting files in the Research Area hidden copies of previous versions are being kept, which are being named Revisions. You can search for and restore revisions in the Portal. Over time the revisions are being purged.

Submitting (to the Vault)

Through submitting you can copy (a part of) your folder-tree in the ResearchArea to the Vault for long term storage. You can submit a datapackage by navigating in the Portal to a folder in your Research Area and submit it to the Vault. Only members with groupmanager or read/write rights can submit to the Vault.


The Research Area is organised in Usergroups; research-group(s) or intake-group(s).


File versions, also called revisions, are (older) versions of a file.