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Add group

You need special rights to be allowed to add a group.

To start usergroups, you must be registered as a usergroup-manager. You do so by contacting the Datamanager per mail.

More about groups can be found in “Group“.

Once you’re registered you can create your own usergroups.

To add a group Open the Group Manager Module.

From your Category choose “Add group”.

A “Group properties” window opens.

A dialog starts to help you through the procedure:

  • Both the category and sub-category should be “your-categoryin the case of the example: ilab (in small small caps)
  • type the group name of the new group
    • Please note that only names in small caps are allowed. You can freely choose the name for the group, which will automatically be pre-fixed by “research”. The reason for this prefix is so that you can distinguish usergroups in the Research Area from the Datapackages in the vault, which are preceded by “vault-“
  • the description is optional

Choose “Add group” to save the new group.

Read about Add users.

Instruction video available