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Add users

Open the GroupManager Module to add users.

You can only add users to a usergroup if you have management-rights for that group.

In the left side of the screen, select the group to which you want to add users.

Add user

On the bottom right side you will find “Click here to add a new user to this group” .

A text field opens to type the name of the new user:

  • the new user will automatically be found after typing three or more letters if the name is known
  • or you have to type the whole email address and “Create” the user if it is unknown
    • the address must be entirely in lower case.

Click “Add”.

Change role

By default the new user will have regular rights.

See Add/Revoke access rights to promote the user to group manager or demote to read-only.

Add a non-UU employee to a usergroup

In the current version only persons with a UU mail account can get access.

To grant access to non-UU employee’s, please request for a mail address first for this person.

You can do so via the Datamanager.

Remove user

To remove a user: select the user you want to remove and click the button “Remove User”.

Instruction video available