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Create a network-share on Windows using Cyberduck

There are several ways to get access to the files and folders of your usergroups.

The easiest is by setting up a network share.

You can do this in your file-manager, eg. Windows Explorer on a windows machine and the Finder in an Apple.

The web address you need to connect to is https://your-category.data.uu.nl.

See Yoda’s portal categories for the url of your category.


Install Cyberduck (https://cyberduck.io/) and start the program.

Choose Open Connection in the menu ribbon or

Click on File > Open Connection (Ctrl + O)

Select WebDAV (HTTP/SSL) in the drop-down list.

Enter the Server Address of the Yoda server (for example: its.data.uu.nl) and enter your

  • username (=  your-UU-mailaddress) 
  • password (= UU solis password)

Then press the Connect button.

See Yoda portal categories for the url of your category.

The Cyberduck screen will show the folders you have access rights to. You can now drag and drop your files to upload or download them.


To Bookmark the connection, select Bookmark and New Bookmark (Ctrl + Shift + B) a window should pop up with the connection details.

If you close that window a bookmark appears that you can use to quickly connect the next time you start Cyberduck.

Set-up a local synchronised folder on your Laptop with CyberDuck

You can synchronise the contents of the usergroups with a folder on your PC or Laptop.

This enables you to access your data when you’re not online.

  • In the free version the synchronisation should be started manually.
  • Using the non-free versions enable you to automate the synchronisation.

To start the synchronisation manually, start CyberDuck, click the File in the top-menu and choose synchronise and follow the wizard.