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Create a network-share on windows

There are several ways to get access to the files and folders of your usergroups.

The easiest is by setting up a network share.

You can do this in your file-manager, eg. Windows Explorer on a windows machine and the Finder in an Apple.

The web address you need to connect to is https://your-category.data.uu.nl.

See Yoda portal categories for the url of your category.

Instruction video available

Windows Explorer

  • Open the Windows Explorer, choose menu-item Tools -> Map network drive
  • Click the link Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures at the bottom of the dialog.
  • Start the wizard by clicking next and type in the box where you are requested for the address for the website, FTP-site, or network location: https://your-category.data.uu.nl.
    See Yoda portal categories for the url of your category.
  • Think up the name which you want the drive to have in your Windows Explorer, e.g. I-Lab.

You will be prompted for your username (= your UU-mail adress) and password (= your solis-password) and a network-share will be created, showing all the usergroups you have access to.

Depending on your rights within a usergroup you can add/rename/move/delete files and folders.

How to map the I-Lab as a Network Drive

By mapping the I-lab (or one of its folders) link as a network drive, you can create a directory path which you can use in scripts e.g. in Stata or R.

The procedure is almost identical to creating a Network folder (see previous section).

For the following example, we’ve used the Windows Explorer.

  • Open the Windows Explorer, choose menu-item Tools -> Map network drive

If you use third party products like NetDrive or CyberDuck to mount the I-lab as a networkdrive, the mounted drive will also be known in your local machine and thus be available for scripts like e.g. R do-files.

  • Choose a drive letter, e.g. Z: