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Mount a network-share on Linux

There are several ways to get access to the files and folders of your usergroups.

The easiest is by setting up a network share.

You can do this in your file-manager.

The web address you need to connect to is https://your-category.data.uu.nl.

See Yoda portal categories for the url of your category.

In the example below: https://its.data.uu.nl

On Debian based (Ubuntu, Linux Mint) or Red Hat based (Centos, Fedora) systems with Gnome

Open Nautilus (the default file browser) and select Connect to Server.

Enter the Server Address of the Yoda server (for example: davs://its.data.uu.nl) and press the Connect button.

See Yoda portal categories for the url of your category.

Enter your username and password and press Connect.

The Nautilus screen will show the folders you have access rights to. You can now drag and drop your files to upload or download them.

To manual mount the web disk

Install davfs2 package:

Debian based:

apt-get install davfs2

Red Hat based:

yum install davfs2

(if package can’t be found: yum install epel-release)


Allow unprivileged users to use webdav (this step can be skipped on Red Hat based systems):

dpkg-reconfigure davfs2

And select <Yes> on the question “Should unprivileged users be allowed to mount WebDAV resources?”

Create a folder where webdav should mount:

mkdir /mnt/webdav


Edit /etc/fstab and add the following line:

https://its.data.uu.nl         /mnt/webdav     davfs   user,noauto     0 0


Add user to davfs2 group (where rob = username):

usermod -aG davfs2 rob


Log out (or reboot) to let the changes take effect.


Mount the webdav folder with the command:

mount /mnt/webdav


Enter your email and password. After these steps the webdav folder should be visible on the configured mountpoint.

To unmount the folder

umount /mnt/webdav