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Lock elaborated

Neither can you work in a locked folder in the portal nor can new files or folders be dragged and dropped to a locked folder.

A Locked folder

Sometimes you will run into a folder that’s locked without realizing it was locked.

A locked folder will show a warning.

How to unlock

There is no possibility here to unlock folder H. We have to find out where the lock was set. Double clicking the exclamation mark will give information where the lock was set.

Here you found that the lock was set to folder B. Unlocking the tree can only be done in Folder B. The path as shown above is clickable and will lead you directly to folder B.

Locking and unlocking can be done by any group member with write or group manager rights.

  • You can set a lock manually, to freeze the contents of a folder.
  • Locks can also be set by automatically by Yoda.

Lock set by Submitting

If you choose a folder in your directory structure in your Yoda Research area and submit it as datapackage, Yoda considers that folder, its subfolders and all of its contents as one unit which should be copied as a datapackage to the Vault. This whole unit of folders and all of its subfolders and parent folders will be Locked in the Research area when it is Submitted to the Vault.


package folder B

If this is the file structure in your research area you could decide to make a package of folder B.


As all B’s subfolders will automatically be in the package the red rectangle is packaged.

As folder B will be locked after the package is submitted you will find a lock on B.

Subfolders and parent folders

Be aware that B and all its subfolders and parent folders will be locked so folder H for example will also be locked as well as Folder A.

To clarify a bit more

Folder D



If you decide to package Folder D The package will include D, G and H D, G and H but also B and A will be locked