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Publishing a datapackage

When you publish a datapackage, the Yoda Metadata is passed on to the Yoda Catalogue and can be used by everyone for data discovery.

Access Type

Depending on settings in the Yoda metadata you control whether others have access to your data. Setting the Access Type to Open will enable everyone to download a copy of your data.

All other settings require someone with interest in your data to first contact the Yoda Data Manager to request for a copy of the data, who will pass on that request to you.

The moment to publish a datapackage

You can publish a datapackage

  • at its creation, i.e. while submitting it to the Vault*
  • on a later moment in time

Submit & publish

If you choose to submit and publish a datapackage in one go, open the Portal, navigate to the folder in one of your usergroups within the Research Area and choose submit & publish.

Submit & publish (as a single action) will be implemented in the future. Currently these are two separate actions: “submit to vault” and “submit for publication”. When submitting for publication a pop-up window appears to cancel or agree with terms and agreements.


If you already submitted your data to the Vault as a datapackage, then open the Portal, navigate to the folder in one of your usergroups within the Vault and request for publication

Check on Metadata settings

Once you’ve requested for publication of a datapackage the Data Manager is notified and will perform a number of checks on the Metadata settings, before the request is approved.

  • Is there a valid License type defined?
  • Is the Access Type in line with rules and regulations with regards to sensitive and private data?
  • Did you define an embargo date and if so, does it make sense?

More about the checks can be found in Checks by the Data Manager.


For each published datapackage a user-license must be defined for potential users. This license must be entered when archiving, so it is entered already in the step before publishing.
We offer the possibility to choose a number of existing license forms, whereby I-Lab, for instance, has a preference for CC-By.
The license text will be added to the datapackage at the time of publication.

It is possible to choose “custom” as the license type. In this case, the data manager who has to approve the package, will check whether there is a self-formulated license text in the datapackage.