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Search by name

In case you want to search for a file or folder and you know (part of) the name, you can Search a file or folder by name.

Typing a string as Search item will reveal all files and (sub)folders containing that string in the name.
So searching on “er” will result in finding

  • “er”
  • “Er”
  • “Ergonomics”
  • “Folder A”

You can also search using the dropdown.

Search by metadata

Where a search by name will only find files and folders with the mentioned string in the name, the search by metadata will search in the contents of the fields in the metadata form and will reveal all fields containing the search string. At first you will see the amount of fields, hovering over it will show exactly which fields contain the search string.

Search by status

More about these statuses in Statuses.

Search revision by name

Revisions, also called file versions, are (older) versions of a file.

By choosing Search revisions by name you can find all revisions of a document.  By clicking a revision you will be able to revert to that revision.

If you search for revisions and you type the name of a file that you have accidentally thrown away you will also find it.

This is very useful and means that you can restore files yourself that you accidentally deleted.

More about Revisons.