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The Vault as seen by a researcher

In case you are Researcher with granted read access for the Vault, the main screen of the Research Module will also show you the vault of your usergroups.

Clicking for instance vault-evt will present a list of all datapackages in the Vault. You will see which folders from your Research area were sent to the Vault as a datapackage.

Package identifier

As one folder can be sent more than once a unique identifier is added in the Vault. This is shown in the screen below; you see two datapackages for analysis. 

Searching the Vault

Searching for a specific datapackage in the Vault.

Clicking on a datapackage will reveal

  • a folder named “original” containing everything you packaged.
  • the metadata.xml belonging to the package.

From here you could “Submit for publication” or “Cancel publication”


Clicking the i next to the package will show information.


Clicking the book next to the package will show the provenance.