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Yoda User Interfaces

You can access Yoda via the following User Interfaces

Yoda portal

Yoda can be approached via the webportal of your Yoda instance. For example www.i-lab.yoda.uu.nl

The Yoda Portal can be seen as a website for managing usergroups, adding metadata and submitting your data to the Vault. Data can also be published using the portal.

Your data files in Explorer

Yoda 1 text.  You can drag and drop data files directly from your laptop or workstation to Yoda: fast easy and straight forward.

This can be done in Windows Explorer, Apple Finder, NetDrive, CyberDuck WebDav etc.


For the sake of readability “your laptop” stands for your laptop or your PC or your workstation. And “Explorer” stands for your file manager;  Windows Explorer, Apple Finder, NetDrive etc.

Instruction video available